Buggy Tour Mahé, Seychelles

This is a Private Buggy Tour on Mahé


A buggy tour is unique in the Seychelles. There is only this one.

Experience this tour with François. He is a true Seychellois, born and raised in the Seychelles. For over a decade he was also in Austria and Germany, which is why he speaks English, French, Creole and German with a wonderful Austrian accent. The combination of Buggy, François, his funny manner and his talent for languages are what make him stand out.

But not only that. If you want to know things about plants of the Seychelles, you have an excellent, certified tour guide in him.
Believe us, it is a very special experience when you feel the wind around your ears in the back of the buggy and the view upwards is unobstructed. You will not regret!

Please note, the buggy tour can only take place with a maximum of 2 people + a small child if applicable.

Pick up and drop off

We pick you up from any point on Mahé. Be it a hotel, guesthouse, CatCocos berth, Airport, Cruise port, Eden Island or any special address, e.g. at your friends place. After the tour we will also bring you back to the starting point or wherever you want on Mahé.
No extra costs, all included!

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Tour itinerary

Buggy Tour Mahé Island:

The Buggy Tour of François is a bit different from others.
In 5-6 hours he will show you a lot on Mahé. You have enough time to decide where we stop or where only something should be shown, photographed.

Le Jardin Du Roi / Spice Garden

Tour of the garden, photos of all the Seychelles endemic spices and plants, lunch in the housegarden Restaurant if required (optional).
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hours (without Lunch)

Anse Intendance Beach

Bathing, snorkeling, admiring, taking pictures
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour

Anse Royale Beach

A very long, beautiful wide beach in the south-east of Mahé. Perfect spot for snorkeling. There are also several restaurants on the beach.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1-2 Hours (without Lunch)

Mission Lodge

Old sight with great view to take great pictures of the west coast of Mahe.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 30 Minutes

Beau Vallon Beach

Beau Vallon – beaches, beaches, beaches there is plenty to see, we like to stop and it is always possible to swim or snorkel as you wish. Also Beach restaurants, TakeAways and much more to see.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1-2 Hours

Takamaka Rum Distillery, La Plaine St Andre

You simply must try this local rum. We will also show you how it is made and take you on a nice tour. Don’t worry, this will be not a sales tour, you are free in your decisions.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour

Domaine de Val des Pres – Craft Village

You will be immersed in the world of Seychelles crafts. Only local artists are at home there, it is a small village. We don’t want to give too much away, but a visit is worthwhile in any case.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 45 Minutes

Sauzier Waterfall

A very beautiful and unusual waterfall for the Seychelles. We will walk there for about 15 minutes. You can also take a refreshing dip in the fresh water.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour

Port Launay, Ephelia Hotel

One of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe, in a great bay. You could possibly combine this with a sunset, depending on where you are staying.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1-2 Hours

Carana Beach Granite Rocks

This is a must-see and must-photograph. Extremely spectacular, unique and beautiful. You can also swim there, but the waves are rough and only for good swimmers.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 30 Minutes

And a lot more of viewing points and spots on the way. Be postitively surprised.

If you have any question, we are happy to make you happy. Please contact us!

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Buggy Tour Mahé, Seychelles

(4 customer reviews)

Approx. 5-6 hours 1 day

This is a guided Buggy tour around Mahé with our Tourguide François. Just for 2 Persons. If you have any special requests, please let us know. We will cater for you and want you to have a perfect Buggy tour.

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4 reviews for Buggy Tour Mahé, Seychelles

  1. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Mandy M

    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on TripAdvisor from 29.09.2021, Client Mandy M

    A must for island explorers

    We booked our tour with Francois on the first day of our holiday so that we could get to know the island in a relaxed way. It was a wonderful tour with lots of information about the flora and fauna, beautiful hiking routes and excursion destinations. Even a few sprinkles of rain didn’t bother us in the buggy. With his wonderful dialect, he made the start of our holiday very pleasant for us moderately English-speaking tourists.
    So we were ideally prepared for our own tours in left-hand traffic.
    We met Francois almost every day, because the island has only 4 shortcuts from the east coast to the west coast, apart from the coastal road including a few kilometres of motorway (speed 65 or 80). If you want to discover the island like we did, you are well equipped with a tour with Francois.

  2. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Mustafa R.

    We had a great time with Francois.

  3. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Yvonne Pers

    Indescribably beautiful. We had another tour with a different tour guide before that didn’t compare to this buggy tour. Francois is so attentive and also a lovely and funny guy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Greg Kliens

    The Buggy tour are unique on Mahé. There is just one at the island. It’s a dream todo that in your Seychelles holiday or honeymoon.

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