Island Tour on Mahé

Island Tour Mahé

This is a Private Island Tour on Mahé


A tour around Mahé is a real MUST. Only then can you see how beautiful Mahé is and that the (main) island of the Seychelles does not have to hide from any other islands (Praslin or La Digue).

The sights / spots mentioned are just some initial information. We do not want to anticipate too much. In reality, you will see much more on this island tour than we would like to describe.

As Seychellois, we know the Seychelles, we know how the Island Tour Mahé should be and we are very flexible with your wishes also happy to cater for everything you would like to see and discover. We speak German, English and French.

Pick up and drop off

We pick you up from any point on Mahé. Be it a hotel, guesthouse, Cat Cocos berth, Airport, Cruise port, Eden Island or any special address, e.g. at your friends place. After the tour we will also bring you back to the starting point or wherever you want on Mahé.
No extra costs, all included!

More info about our vehicles your will find here:
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Tour itinerary

The Island Tour Mahé:

Round trip around Mahé, according to your wishes. You decide in advance or on the tour-day which activity you would like to see / todo. We will adapt to it and give you tips.
Please note, that all the spots we describe after, are just the possibilities on our tour. Unfortunately we cannot visit all spots due to time constraints. 5-6 hours are a long time in the car. So You have to choose what you would like to see.

In 5-6 hours there is a lot to discover and you will have enough time to decide where we stop and wait or where only something should be shown, photographed.

If after 5-6 hours you still haven’t seen and discovered enough of our beautiful paradise and you still have the energy, you can also extend the tour for €25 per hour.
We are happy to make you happy!

Le Jardin du Roi / Spice Garden

Tour of the garden, photos of all the Seychelles endemic spices and plants, lunch is possible in the housegarden Restaurant if required (optional).
The approximate time needed here is approx: 2 Hours (without Lunch)

Please note, there is a entrance fee of 150 SCR each person and note, the Jardin du Roi  are closed on public holidays

Anse Intendance Beach

Bathing, snorkeling, admiring, taking pictures. Also there is the Summer Beach Bar, where you can have beautiful cocktails on the beach. A perfect place to relax.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour
(Depend on the amount of cocktails) 🤣🤣🤣

Takamaka Beach

Lonely and beautiful beach in the southwest of Mahe. Giant turtles, a small bay with a Creole restaurant and real Seychelles cuisine right on the beach are waiting for you for an (optional) delicious lunch.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour (without Lunch)

Anse Royale Beach

A very long, beautiful wide beach in the south-east of Mahé. Perfect spot for snorkeling. There are also several restaurants on the beach.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1-2 Hours (without Lunch)

Mission Lodge

Old sight of Venn’s town with Seychelles history and perfect view to take great pictures of the west coast of Mahe.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 30 Minutes

Please note, there is a entrance fee of 100 SCR each person and note, the Mission Lodge are closed on public holidays

Beau Vallon Beach

Beau Vallon – beaches, beaches, beaches there is plenty to see, we like to stop and it is always possible to swim or snorkel as you wish. Also Beach restaurants, TakeAways and much more to see.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1-2 Hours

Takamaka Rum Distillery, La Plaine St Andre

You simply must try this local rum. We will also show you how it is made and take you on a nice tour.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour

Please note, there is a Rum tasting fee of 125 SCR each person and the distillery are closed on weekend and public holidays
All public holidays in the Seychelles

Domaine de Val des Pres / Pomme Cannelle – Craft Village

You will be immersed in the world of Seychelles crafts. Only local artists are at home there, it is a small village. We don’t want to give too much away, but a visit is worthwhile in any case.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 45 Minutes

Tour inside Victoria

One of the smallest capital cities in the world. We will pass many sights here and stop only briefly. (If you would like to explore Victoria and all the sights by feet, we offer also a special City tour here) We will see the Hindu Temple, the Museum, the Clocktower, the largest and oldest church in Seychelles, the small Victoria Marina, various sculptures, Seychelles landmarks and the extraordinary Supreme Court of Seychelles.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 45 Minutes

Island Tour to Eden Island and Marina

We will show you around Eden Island, also stopping for lunch if necessary. You can also buy small souvenirs and see all the yachts and boats in the marina.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 45 Minutes (without Lunch)

Sauzier Waterfall

A very beautiful and extraordinary waterfall for the Seychelles. We will walk there for about 10 minutes. You can also take a refreshing dip in the fresh water.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour

Please note, there is a entrance fee of 50 SCR each person and note, the Sauzier Waterfall are closed on public holidays

Port Launay, Ephelia Hotel

One of the most beautiful beaches on Mahe, in a great bay. You could possibly combine this with a sunset, depending on where you are staying.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1-2 Hours

Carana Beach Granite Rocks

This is a must-see and must-photograph. Extremely spectacular, unique and beautiful. You can also swim there, but the waves are rough and only for good swimmers.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 30 Minutes

Walk to Mont Signal

It’s really only a 5-10 minute walk, but you get a great view of Victoria, St Anne Marine Park and its small islands (St Anne, Long Island, Round Island, Moyenne and Cerf.)
The approximate time needed here is approx: 40 Minutes

Panorama View at Eden Island and Victoria

We stop on a very nice point near Victoria. You can make on this spot great pictures.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 15 Minutes

Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market

If you wish, we can accompany you to the unique fruit, vegetable and fish market in Victoria. There is also the opportunity to buy spices and souvenirs, as well as Creole handicrafts.
The approximate time needed here is approx: 1 Hour

Please note, the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market are closed on Sunday and public holidays

Sundown drink / Sunset Cocktail on the beach

To see the the Sunset at an Island tour on Mahé is incredible. Depend where you stay we can do that in the north at Beau Vallon at Boathouse or Beach Shak, or in the north-west at Ephelia Hotel on Port Launay beach, or in the South at Anse a la Mouche, Baie Lazare or Anse Intendance. Don’t worry, a local Rum or ice-cold local Beer will be always available. Or just ride off into the sunset with us and a cool drink in your hand? Everything is possible! Talk to us!
The approximate time needed here is approx: infinite

Cancel & Refund

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Island Tour on Mahé

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Approx. 5-6 hours 1 day

This is a guided tour around Mahé. The tour is private, only you or your group taking part. If you have any special requests, please let us know. We will cater for you and want you to have a perfect Island Tour.

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  • 1st Person €179
  • 2nd Person €19
  • Small groups with 3 or 4 Persons €95 each
  • Groups with 5 until 25 Persons are €89 each
  • If two adults is booking this Island Tour,
    first child (0-14 years) is free
Map of Mahé with all our possible tour points you can choose for your personal tour

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54 reviews for Island Tour on Mahé

  1. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g


    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on TripAdvisor from 25.04.2021, Client Megan_C

    Great service and very prepared

    Sheena was prepared for everything and every request! She helped us a ton on a hike with pictures,
    water, patience, and encouragement. She was lovely! She even gave us a gift at the end. Such a sweet

  2. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Edwin Torega

    A island tour around Mahé with many stops and activities. Perfect for your holiday. The tour is guided with an certified tourguide.

  3. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Rolf R

    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on Tripadvisor from 16.04.2021, Client Rolf R

    Fantastic round trip with a charming tour guide

    Tolle Strände, einsame Buchten, charmante deutschsprachige Reiseleiterin. Zusammengefasst: ein Traumhafter Tag

  4. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Michael D

    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on TripAdvisor from 04.04.2021, Client Michael D

    Great insider trip

    Empathy, hospitality and really clue. Highly recommended. We were on vacation with our children and found everything really all around suitable.

  5. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g


    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on TripAdvisor from 03.04.2021, Client www_foto-mann_de

    Great day tour to the most beautiful beaches of Mahé

    It was a totally relaxed and entertaining day with our “tour guide” Sheena! We stopped at the most beautiful beaches on the island and were allowed to decide for ourselves how long we wanted to stay there. Sheena had many small and also larger anecdotes in store and inspired us with her easy-going manner and humor. The communication took place half in English and half in German, which we found incredibly congenial. On our next trip to the Seychelles, we will definitely do at least one more tour with her!

  6. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Michelle S

    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on TripAdvisor from 01.04.2021, Client Michelle S

    Dreamlike is an understatement

    What a wonderful experience!!! ?
    Fantastic beaches like I could never have dreamed of! Informative and confidently guided by a warm lady who had a lot of interesting background information in Peto.
    Such a fantastic combination, this fantastic weather, this wonderful nature and then still relaxed, the most beautiful corners of the island can be shown. Indescribable❣
    It was an absolutely unforgettable day and I will definitely do another tour!
    Thank you!

  7. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g


    Had a great day with Sheena. Tour was wonderful. Thank you again!

  8. ?s=60&d=identicon&r=g


    TripAdvisor Review
    Review on TripAdvisor from 25.05.2020, Client Karl

    Great day, super excursion

    First of all, the island of Mahé is fantastically beautiful. The island tour was guided by a German-speaking tour guide. I really liked that the tour was flexible and that special wishes of the participants were taken into account. There was also enough time to enjoy particularly beautiful hotspots and to relax. Those who wanted to could also go swimming and snorkelling. Taking photos in a relaxed atmosphere was also no problem.
    I felt comfortable with this tour operator from the very beginning. It stands out positively from the usual mass handling. For me, an absolute recommendation!

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