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An editorial and commentary by the founder of the website Islandtour Seychelles, Sheena Jean

About us and me…

It has always been my dream to be a tour guide in my home country of Seychelles. I love nature, I love people, I love Seychelles. I am a Seychelloise, born and raised in the Seychelles.

In 2018, the time finally came. I decided to join a tour guide certification programme opened by the government after years of organising tours privately for family, friends and their friends.

Sheena Tourguide Certificate with Tourism Minister of Seychelles, About us

I love hiking and trails

Hiking is my passion. I have discovered so many small and big hikes and trails over the years that I would like to show everyone.

Beaches and the water are also made for me, whether for recreation, sport or a beach party.

Sunset with Silhouette view, Seychelles

Tourguide certificate

Tourguide Certificate of Sheena, Seychelles

We love what we do

Hiking, Tour Guide & Island Tours in the Seychelles. Licensed by the government and certified by the Seychelles Tourism Board. My team and me speak English, French and German. We are happy to offer very individual tours and walks for you. We can organise birthdays, engagements, weddings on the beach with Creole flair, food & drinks for you.

Tourist Guide Identity Badge, Seychelles
inlingua 2015 sheena pdf

Health, protection and insurance

These days, health, coverage, as well as insurance are more than necessary.
I have therefore taken out liability insurance for my tours and also had myself trained by the health authority, especially because of Corona, and am therefore also health certified.
A first aid course is obligatory and is always refreshed.

Health License badge from Seychelles
First Aid Sheena 04.08.21
Commercial Combined Policy Schedule SEYMAHE ISLAND SERVICES 2022 pdf

I can’t do it alone!

Therefore, a heartfelt and special thank you to all clients, partners, team members behind and beside me. To all those who support me with so much heart and soul, who make me think critically every day. Only through an intelligent, forward-thinking and professional team, as well as a fundamental network, do you get as far as we have and it is even more fun after so many years.

Passing on all our knowledge to our clients transparently and fairly is our highest goal. Maybe soon to you too!

Yours, Sheena

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