This is a Private Tour to Rockpool


Not everyone who travels to the Seychelles has and had the opportunity to visit the Rock Pool.
It is not so easy to find this one, but we will guide you in a private tour there.

The Rock Pool is unique and the hike there is easy.

It is a pleasant tour because you will already see some of Mahé on the way there and it can be ideally seen as a half day tour.

You have the possibility to eat something later in the region, the whole thing is really very relaxed, also good for children from 6 years.

Tour itinerary

The Rock Pool on Mahé, – desired by many with pleasure to discover this one, but mostly never reached, because not many know where it is.

We know it and we know the way to get there.

At about 10:00 am (You can choose the time) we will pick you up at your pickup point of your choice and drive to the entry point for the hike.

Approximately 1 hour is needed for the hike, you will have enough time to either jump into the rock pool, swim, take pictures or just feel the awesome atmosphere that emanates from this place.

Afterwards we will hike back and bring you to your starting point or to a place of your choice within Mahé.

In total we will be on the road for around 3-4 hours.

Rockpool Tour

Approx. 3-4 hours 1 day

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